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* Tools: Don't apply sunlight if sun isn't set. Added texture reflectivity sca...HEADmasterjitspoe2015-03-075-5/+34
* Tools: Fixed lighting being brighter when -extra was used.jitspoe2015-03-052-4/+5
* Tools: Some cleanup and missed vars.jitspoe2015-03-041-74/+91
* Tools: Added newer Visual Studio projects, misc.jitspoe2015-03-0414-1/+1775
* Tools: misc file cleanupjitspoe2015-03-045-5/+20
* Tools: misc file cleanupjitspoe2015-03-041-0/+1
* Tools: misc file cleanupjitspoe2015-03-041-2/+0
* Tools: jitspoe's initial revisions + some missed DeWan changes.jitspoe2015-03-0427-570/+1304
* Tools: Adding modifications from Geoffrey DeWan (Visual Studio Project Files).jitspoe2015-03-0424-1/+3825
* Tools: Adding modifications from Geoffrey DeWan.jitspoe2015-03-0420-386/+1471
* Adding map compilers to CVS. This is the initial idSoftware GPL'd version of...jitspoe2015-03-0451-0/+20925