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* Added a manage.py command to delete URLs older than 24 hours.HEADmasterNick Scheibenpflug2015-04-263-0/+16
* "Fixed" toggle not getting everything.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-142-2/+7
* Sayaka because reasons.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-1410-3/+81
* Renamed READMENick Scheibenpflug2015-03-141-0/+0
* Added README and LICENSE documents.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-142-0/+43
* Added some simple url validation. Should probably use something better though.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-141-0/+5
* Added ability to redirect links with /<shorturl> instead of /l/<shorturl>.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-142-1/+3
* Cleaned up /add a bit. Added redirect to '/' when there's no POST data.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-144-8/+13
* Made 'FIXME' a link using '/l/<shortname>' in added.htmlNick Scheibenpflug2015-03-144-28/+1
* Do not add duplicate links.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-141-11/+15
* Base code written. Still some problems with added.html not displaying the fu...Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-1419-4/+199
* Initial commit of empty Django project.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-146-0/+119