A short script to fix Slipshine's broken RSS feed.

All links are replaced with their real link instead of linking to
'http://members.orgymania.net/' and putting the real link in the description.
RSS clients should be able to see updated and new items now.  Additionally,
each update is split into its own item instead of having more than one update
in the description of an item.

The script requires LWP::Simple and Digest::MD5 and is meant to be run on a
web server that can execute Perl CGI scripts.  Put this file on a webserver and
subscribe to the new url (eg. http://example.com/cgi/rss-fix.pl) instead of the
original RSS url.

No data is stored.  The original RSS url is downloaded each time the script is
run and it prints out a new RSS feed.  No login credentials are needed as
Slipshine's feed is not hosted in the members-only area.