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* This seems like a horrible way to do input handling...HEADmasterNick Scheibenpflug2015-03-187-11/+72
* Added missing SDL_QUIT event handler.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-182-5/+6
* Use InputHandler for handling input.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-185-17/+31
* Add TileImage() function. Modified LoadImage() to use image's alpha channel.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-184-3/+27
* Start actually drawing stuff.Nick Scheibenpflug2015-03-177-9/+44
* Added SDL_rotozoom to the MakefileNick Scheibenpflug2014-09-121-2/+7
* Started adding some render code for bullets. Added player, enemy, and bullet...Nick Scheibenpflug2014-09-0213-6/+1909
* Added files to project file.Nick Scheibenpflug2014-09-022-0/+20
* Added an input handler class and started fleshing out the other stuff. Still...Nick Scheibenpflug2014-08-2812-6/+126
* Added Makefie for linux. Won't compile until stuff is more fleshed out thoug...Nick Scheibenpflug2014-08-282-0/+36
* Initial commit. Mostly just header files defining the structure of everything.Nick Scheibenpflug2014-08-2812-0/+443